round two in humpty doo

Last year I had a ball doing some solo shows in the Northern Territory

One of the shows will go down as being THE MOST FUN I have ever had at a gig

The crowd had me in hysterics

A collection of mad bastards like I’ve never seen before

Humpty Doo

I’m headed up to the Territory with Dad for 4 shows later this month

And after bugging our agent no end – I’ve just added a solo show to the end of the tour

You’ll never guess where?


Don’t mind if I fucking do!!

Sunday 1st April
That’s right, April Fools Day! 
For ticket info ph: (08) 8988 1372
Show starts @ 8:30pm 


      1. and i’ll also be your security after what happened at the norwood on saturday night when you do come and do solo shows! I won’t let anyone hurt you! Just showing that I care x

  1. She was awesome at the pub last year. The locals know how to take her jokes, and even dish a few back. The pubs good fun to!!!

  2. Hi Jen , tht is awesome that you goin back to do a show at humpty doo.ive to au
    Friends And we will be there again,ready for a great laugh,the word has been spread that your coming to town

    1. OMG…does that mean it’s going to be even WILDER the second time around?? Holy shit. I better get in-training – my drinking arm better be ready!! See you Sunday!!

      1. Yes it does,such a great night and can’t wait,also me and Steve ARe coming to see You and UR dad in Darwin on the sat night,double whammy ,bring it on,see u sat x

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