off into the great unknown

So I’m at the airport

I know, nothing unusual about that

Back to work after nearly 3 months at home (lots of tears and “where the fuck is my SUITCASE?”)

Headed to the UK for something a little different

Not sure how much I’m allowed, or supposed to tell about this trip

But rest assured, it’s different than the norm

And between Dad and I, we are Β filled with a whole lot of excitement-full butterflies right now (even if we both have to wear a skirt…*ahem*)

I’mΒ psyched to be a part of something that Dad’s been planning and working on for a long, LONG time. A very cool, and fun concept that’s going to be an adventure to put together

Will fill you in over the next week on this, the 1st leg of the journey….when permission is given for my bucket mouth to runeth over



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