because where else would you go for romance advice?

Not sure what to get the person you like, love, stalk, or just want to bump uglies with this Valentine’s Day?

Whatever your intention, or gift, you’re going to need a card

And the funny fuckers over at someecards have some beauties to choose from

The perfect card for those who are too lazy to go and buy a real card want to save the environment

I’ve picked my top 10 e-cards

And I think I’ve got just about everyone covered…


The Nanna’s and the Pops…

All the single ladies…             

The singletons who are little on the bitter side

The dude in a relationship who wants to get stabbed in the face out of it

Couples who are just dating and ready to throw their lives away take it to the next level 

Men or ME women who are gadget obsessed lovers 

Someone with a death wish

For all those smug married-ies that will probably be divorced before next Valentine’s

For that bitch chick in the office who everyone knows sends cards to herself

And lastly, here’s one for the boys

Otherwise known as, the one that Diamond sends me every fucking year

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