making sixty five look cool

I tried to find a list of famous people that have their birthdays on February 13th

I found a list

But I’m a fucktard I have no idea who any of them are

So, it looks like Daddio is on his own today


Pretty awesome, me thinks

And he’s about to have probably the busiest year of his life, career wise

He’s just getting warmed up with all the projects he’s got going on

I shit you not

Happy Birthday to the most creative, determined, generous, loyal, and loving man I know

He likes to say he’s a ‘perfect example of a bad example’

I’m proud to call him Dad

The girls wanted to celebrate your day by drawing a pictures for you

Magoo’s has you as just an arm, with a red banjo/mandolin/lollipop?

Macaroni has gone for a ‘before’ pic of you with a beer

And and after pic, of you with 4 eyes and wearing a pink dress

It’s uncanny

Love you Dad, see you soon x





  1. happy birthday Dennis i remember the days in kalgoolie ,i remember that picture you havent changed much lol ,have a great day KEV love from us all ,xxxxxxxxoooooo

  2. LOL at Macaroni’s picture! What a champ! Seriously good art work for a littlie though, wow! Happy Birthday Kev 🙂 Love all the old photos in your linked post, gosh he looks different now to that suited up young chap.

  3. happy birthday Kev hope it’s every thing you wanted and more.Keep the laughs happening in 2012 cause I really need them. Cheers Lizzy

  4. Happy birthday Kev, thanks for the laughs and thanks for the memories…you little aussie battler and true blue proud to call an aussie bloke.

  5. Happy Birthday to Australias true legend. Men like you have made this country the greatest country in the world. Bugger the political correct shit and have a laugh at your self. What we need more of. Men like you. 65 years of making us laugh. Many more to come.

  6. Happy Birthday for the 13th mate. I remember well the Kalgoorlie days with you and Tex and the group, ‘Running Bare’. Have a good one mate. Great interview with Geoff Huchi the other day.

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