hit pic, december 13


After the Melbourne shows were done

I was lucky enough to be able to squeeze in a quick trip (1 day) in Perth before I headed back to Chicago

I got to see my brother and his family, my girlfriends

But the main purpose, was to see Nan & Pop

Pop’s isΒ living in the nursing home now with Nanna

My Aunty and cousin had decorated their room for them

Nanna has always loved Christmas. She always wears festive clothes, Christmasssy jewelry and this year is no exception

She was showing me her new Christmas outfit and jewelry

I loved looking around their room and recognising some of their ornaments from when I was a kid, spending Christmas at their house

Nanna didn’t have her teeth in, and Pop wouldn’t put his pants on

So yeah, no photos of them

You’re welcome


I cried when I said goodbye – I always do

But I know how lucky I am, to have grandparents who are both in their nineties

That remember me, can have a great chat with me, and even joke with me

And getting to hug them both hard – and tell them just how much I love them

Has already made this the best Christmas




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