homeward bound

Headed home

With two very special friends in tow

Gifts for Macaroni & Magoo from Poppy

I think we should call them Kylie & Jason

So far they’ve been pretty trouble-free traveling companions

One flight to go

This last trip back to Oz was  a brilliant way to finish off an amazing year

Melbourne is one of the best places in the world to be at Christmas time

So much going on – and the shopping…

Oh, I get teary just thinking about it

Mum and I werrrked that shit, I can tell ya

The city is decked out with all the holiday trimmings and you can’t help but feel all Christmassy inside. A perfect place for a xmas-a-holic like me

And this little dude

Loved him

He belted out some Maroon Five and killed it

The bounty of bucks in his guitar case, showed that I wasn’t his only fan

Then there were the shows in Melbourne

At the beautiful Crown Casino

It’s a pretty flash venue with some shit hot accommodation going on

And they let US stay there


We had two packed nights

With the always in top form, Melbourne crowds

Plus, peeps that had flown in from all over Australia to catch our last 2 shows for the year

We got to catch up with great fans

And hang out after the shows

Got spoilt rotten with gifts

Yes, this glass does say ‘fucking legend’

I’m pretty sure it’s referring to my ‘don’t even TRY to out drink me ‘cause I am gifted at this shit’ wine drinking skills

But the best part for me

Was finishing the trip with a 24 hour stopover in Perth

Getting to see my family

Seeing my nephews rip into their Christmas pressies

And the main reason for the whirlwind visit

To visit my Nanna and Pop

I can’t even tell you how good it was to see them

My Christmas present to myself

Best. Present. Ever.









  1. Hey Jen, Thank you so much for putting in the picture of my shirt and the gift I gave you. Your an amazing chick and I love you for it. Wishing you were here so I could give you a very big thank you hug xxx. Thanks once again mate. Take care and I’ll see u hopefully next year.

  2. Hope nanna and pop are doing okay, I know where you’re coming from, every moment together becomes extra special. Love and hugs xxxxx

  3. hey jenny thanks for putting my pic on your website loved the show you and your dad are both fucking legends ive grown up listening to you guys and i really cant wait to see you perform again either here or if your in the usa doing any shows cant wait to have my wife see you she doesnt know what shes missing thanks again mate have a great christmas and a safe and happy new year

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