fuck it up friday #16

Some technical difficulties made this one harder than it should have been

I was very much at the ‘fuck it’ stage – then I decided to try it live tonight at the Crown show

The reaction was pretty incredible

Huge even

So I went backstage after my set and re-recorded this (using my iPhone for the first time instead of the stupidmothergrabbingshitofacameraIwastryingtousebefore)

For all the Aussies that thought ‘AMEN TO THAT SHIT’, when they read THIS

I give you, this week’s FUCK IT UP FRIDAY*



*For someone that’s NEVER used the word cunt curly ‘C’ word in a song before

I think this more than makes up for it thanks to Dad’s help



  1. Fucking spot on Jen.

    I do not live in Australia myself although intend to visit one day.
    You should see the cunts we’ve got running the UK.
    If i EVER win the lottery i am outta this shithole.English doesn’t seem to be the primary language here anymore either.

    Love ya

    Big Willy

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