please explain?

OK, so I’m a little confused here

Maybe some of you can help me out

We currently have more unemployed Australians than we’ve had in over a decade (1 million+ people)

A global economic slowdown has seen Australian’s homes decreasing in value at an accelerated rate

Australians are worried over the newly introduced carbon tax and what it means for them

And they’re ¬†also having to deal with constantly rising household costs that their wages never seem to adjust to

The government has just announced plan to slash billions of dollars in public spending

And I seem to recall that not too long ago, our Prime Minister’s popularity hit a record low approval rating of minus 45%


So can someone tell me how, today, in Australia

Politicians received a MASSIVE – no seriously, FUCKING MASSIVE, pay rise?!?

The fuck?

Julia Gillard will now earn more than the UK Prime Minister and the President of the United States

With a $90,000 pay increase that sees her now taking home almost $470,000 a year


Even the lowest polly on the totem pole will see his pay packet fatten up with an additional $40,000 per year

And while I realise that this raise was at the suggestion of an independent body, and not at the politicians request

Is there no one with any brains in charge of this shit?

Is this really the right economy to give ANY of those wankers a pay rise?

Can’t they see that people are battling, worried about how to pay their bills

Worried about these new taxes, their jobs, paying their mortgages?

It just screams unfair

And shows just how out of touch and fucking ridiculous the politicians in this country are

It’s like a slap in the face to the people they are supposed to be helping. Isn’t government supposed to work FOR the PEOPLE?

Cause sure as shit, there’s no ‘people’ I know that would approve this bullshit

How about this Christmas, these newly cashed up pollies head down to their local Salvation Army


And donate their recent windfall to the Australians who REALLY need it

That’d be a good place to start




  1. I don’t know how blatant they are about it in Australia, but in the States, the Salvos have made no secret of their virulent anti-gay policies. Therefore, I cannot in all good conscience support them.

    Maybe they could donate this windfall to food banks, if Australia has them, or other charities which help the needy?

    Stephen and Tabitha King are millionaires who think millionaires should be taxed at half their incomes, and they donate the difference to charities between what they pay in taxes and what half would be. They support the 99 percent. And this kind of crap (politicians getting a raise) is why the Occupy movement is now world-wide.

    Something for the one percent to think about.

  2. $400 cut in the baby bonus, $640m cut from higher education and $100m to be spent on Carbon Tax advertising. I think I see where their priorities are.

    I am so fucking angry right now. Worst government in Australian history by a long, long way.

  3. Hi JENNY you are just getting a taster of what has been going on in ENGLAND for years,thats why so many poms are in AUS,if you think your situation is bad take a look at whats happening here,all the people who caused the global market collapse have all awarded them selves lovely pay rises and bonuses,mainly bankers and politicians,whilst here many people (working stiffs) are taking pay cuts and having their pensions heavily reduced,plus the retirement age here has just gone up to 67,so this answers the question why do poms whinge so much.

  4. sounds like the ozzie pollys are taking tips from the south african pollys. Our lot get at least 10% increase each year AND get to but a new ‘official vehicle’ each year, a nice shiny black 4×4 that they can drive around the shanty towns and dirt roads. Somehow it doesnt reach them that they should be using that cash to build proper houses and roads for the people. Their excuse? Our rules doesnt say i’m not allowed to do it!

  5. And to top it off they welcome the boat people . Bring up the population and the unemployment rate …

    Not to mention the bugs they bring with em
    and the money with held from bank accounts putting more people onto the poverty line or below it .

    leaving them to rely on lying cheating church run charities , That only have the thought of money they can extract from these unfortunate people .

    ‘Lets vote for Jenny”

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