thank you queensland!

I love touring Queensland

Always have

If you’ve read Dad’s book

You’d know that many years ago, when we (as a family) left Kalgoorlie

We were headed to Queensland

Specifically Cairns

Mum & Dad loved the place, and thought it’d be a great place to raise me & my brother

We got as far as Perth – to say goodbye to Mum’s family

Dad picked up some work

Actually, Dad picked up A LOT of work

And we never left

But every time I come to Queensland, I wonder if my life would have been much different if I’d grown up here

I don’t think so. The people here are equally as fun and fab as my WA peeps

And they’re on the same page too

The sold out crowds we’ve played to on this tour would attest to that

Easily our most successful Queensland tour ever

And the drives from gig to gig weren’t too shabby either

Queensland has some of the most spectacular scenery in all of Australia

Not that you can tell by my crap photos

And I’m always a happy girl when I can add to my  wanker wall

I love that I sign them….we pose for a pic…they smile big

With no idea what I’ve written on they bellies

(L- I’m on school holidays  R- I need a weed wacker (whipper snipper) )


Ah boys…

(my parents are cuzzins)

Ahhh purrrrrrdyy…..

Crazy long lines for signing after the shows every night

One of our most favourite parts of the day

Second of course to the totally fucking clueless boys

(I like penis)




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  1. Im in the first picture…………………………………………………right up the back and other to the side in the dark bit where you can’t see anyone in front of the female loos. (had a few men try to go into the ladies loos as they couldn’t see all the sign and thought it was mens 🙂

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