adventure girl?

Today I am off on an adventure

On my lonesome

A Thelma without her Louise

With no GPS

No mobile phone

No sleep

I would be nervous

Except I AM traveling with a case of wine

So don’t you be worrying about me

Imma gonna be just fine thankyouverymuch

I’ll tell you more about it a little bit later

In the meantime, here’s a couple of clues

And no, I’m not going out for steak

And you KNOW I won’t be going horse riding again!



*awesome pics from the fab photog Bush Babe <<– big ol’ clue right thar



  1. It must be great being you? You know so many ordinary but talented people, you luck girl! Hope you enjoyed your adventure holiday?

  2. There’s 3 kinds of Bush – one’s an ex-P wanker, the other likes to bump nasties with what is often wanked and this one is quite breath-taking! So glad you had the chance to have a good romp in the wanker-free bush with BB!

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