in my ear, oct 17th

Every now and then, I’d like to share some of my favorite music with you
It won’t always be new
It won’t always be Australian
It won’t always be a mate of mine
But sometimes, it will be all of the above
I know we all have different tastes in music
But I would be stoked to be able to introduce you to something you may not have heard before
And if you love it too?

Years ago, when I was a cunt-cunt-country singer

I was always getting compared to

And mistaken for

Beccy Cole

As much as that was a compliment to me

I always felt bad for her, if she had people coming up and telling her that she reminded them of me

“….geez Bec, you’re a lot like that little blonde sheila from WA. You know, the little bucket mouth one who swears all the time!”

I’m thinking it was more to do with the fact that, when either of us smile

We both look like a baby grand piano with the lid up

So yeah, sorry if that ever happened Ms Cole


Beccy has a brand new album out

That went straight to the Australian country music top 10, the week it was released

And so it should have

It is without a doubt, her best ever

That she wrote EVERY track on

And, in a move that almost NO artist does

She used her touring band to play on the album

If you like country

If you like great songwriting

Songs & Pictures would be a fab addition to your music collection


How awesome is the clip too?


  1. Hey Jenny! Is Beccy your lost twin sister? (Al be it the polite one), she is fucking awesome, good singer to. I’ve puy my order in with my cousin when she comes over to Sydney, @ Christmas, to buy the cd! Best of luck with the rest of your tour in Aus:
    I’am hoping to see you both at least 3 times on your UK tour, (visa and work permits in order). xxx for you guys.

  2. You two are most definitely twins from other Mothers. You look like sisters, both of you have a great sense of humour, are talented and know how to write & deliver a great song. LOVE this album and this clip!

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