things I learned in sydney (part 3)

I learned that when it rains for days on end

Kids will head straight to the craft kits

And when they’ve used all their supplies up

They’ll head to the fruit basket

Then they’ll head outside and enjoy the rain

I learned that my girls will eat raw fish

If it’s prepared by singing chefs

And presented to them on a train

I found out that I’m not the only one who enjoys a glass of red with the nightly bedtime stories

Am I Nanna?

I learned that Coogie Beach is absolutely spectacular

Even in Winter

I learned that when the rain starts up again

Macaroni & Magoo put on a mean puppet show

Complete with theatrical bows an encore

(note to self, buy more socks)

I was reminded that kids like to run everywhere

And that I need a better bra

The kids learned that Nanna really can’t say no

And they couldn’t be happier about it

I watched Cactus & M&M fall become the bestest of buds

Just like I knew they would

I found someone who loves to read more than me

I learned that when having a tea party, custard tarts are essential

I learned that Magoo is not the only one who likes to rock out with her air guitar

And that Macaroni is not the only one who can draw a spot on picture of Poppy

I learned that no one looks coordinated playing in one of these balls

And nothing is funnier to watch

Lastly, looking at this pic

I know why my back is so bloody sore


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  1. I learned Sydney is the ‘Education Capital’ and it would be far more enjoyable to go with you lot! Sounds like you had a full-on, fun time. The girls must love Mum’s Homeland! Happy Trails!

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