magoo’s big 6

‘Twas a big weekend around these parts

Father’s Day

Then the big Mermaid party

Followed by Magoo’s actual birthday yesterday

Her favourite pressie is a purple camera Diamond & I got for her

She has not stopped taking photos with it

And the rest of us now lock the toilet door

Every. Time.

She wanted to go to the arcade

It was a beautiful day, so we walked

They blew all their dosh, and had a ball doing it

Even on the games Magoo couldn’t play properly

She may not have been able to reach the peddles on the racing game

But girlfriend gives some fierce road rage when losing

It’s been such a fantastic few days

The kids have almost forgiven us forΒ getting drunk hijacking all the party games on Sunday

A six year old is no match for a limbo-ing Nanna


*limbo shots byΒ Take Ya Pick Photography


  1. Oh, my – 6 ALREADY! Time flies…HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Miss Magoo! May every photo bring you a warm, fuzzy feeling of the best days of your life!

    PS I think you if ever decide to add a day job to your CV – PARTY PLANNER is a definite! CJxxx

  2. 6 !!!!…..Hell, when I was approaching my 40th, one of my mates said “Oh well Sharky, nearly 40…….time for your second childhood”. I looked back at’em and said “F#*k off……..I haven’t finished the first one yet !!!”

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