daddy dress up day

We already celebrated Father’s Day in the U.S.

And I even wrote a super sappy lovey dovey post for Diamond

So it’s a bit of a bonus to be in Oz for the Australia Father’s Day

With Diamond, my brother, my Dad

AND my Pop

We’re most excited

To mark the occasion we’re throwing a big rellie bash

That’s also a mermaid party

The mermaids are more to do with the fact that Dad likes to dress up we’re also celebrating Macaroni & Magoo’s birthdays

And they got to pick the theme

Happy Father’s Day to all the Aussie & Kiwi Daddies

I’m lucky enough to call the best Dad’s I know, my family

My husband, brother, Dad & Pop

Can’t wait to see Β all the manly men in my life

Dressed up as trannies with a tail sexy sea sirens!



  1. Belated happy dad’s day to your crew… mine spent the day herding kids on school camp while I went shopping. I suspect I might owe him…

  2. How lucky you are to have generations of ‘Daddys’ to celebrate this special day…and all together! What a Blessing! There is no Daddy as special as your own – I would give the World for just one more day with mine. You certainly know how to make the most out of these special days! CJxxx

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