tom & kirrin

We had a great weekend of shows

Sold out, amazing crowds

We also got to catch up with some great mates

You rememberΒ Tom?

If you’re not Β familiar with his story

You can read about him here


Before his wife Kylie passed away

She had been promising to take her younger brother to one of our shows

But he had to wait until he turned 18

Kirrin, who looks so much like Kylie, turned 18 just before his big sister died

So he never got the chance to see a show with her

But Tom made sure his little brother-in-law didn’t miss out

The boys had special t-shirts (dedicated to Kylie) made up just for the night

Instead of coming with a big group of mates

They opted to just come to the show together

And brought along photos from every time we’d all caught up in the past

There were some laughs and a few tears

Dad and I made sure we did Kylie’s favourite songs in the show

‘Cause we know she was there somewhere







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