So the girls got new scooters today

I won’t say ‘who’ they got them from

Because really, who would be silly enough to buy 2 kids brand new scooters

Two kids that are here temporarily

Two kids that have perfectly good scooters back at their house in Chicago

Scooters that are too big to fit in their suitcases

And would cost more than they’re worth, in excess baggage to take home with them?

Hint – it was me


They loved them

Magoo was tentative at first

Like when she was shitting herself on the horse last week type of tentativeness

Tentativeness, is that even a word?

Is now.

But she came ’round eventually, as she does

Macaroni was a speed demon on hers

I told her she can’t get back on it, ’til I buy her shoulder/knee/elbow pads and a helmet

And maybe some bubble wrap

She likes to go very fast

And that makes Mummy very nervous


Only a few pics of the girls riding today though

Because I was too busy running my arse off making sure they stayed upright

And not bleeding

OK, that was a lie

The real reason there’s not many photos of M&M

Is ’cause Poppy got wind that there were new toys over at our place

And we found out today that Poppy loves new toys

But he’s not very good at sharing



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