Tom & Leah were at the show tonight in Woonoona

This was their 4th time seeing me live

And they’d seen Dad 3.2 times

Because they were at theΒ Ulladulla show in the blackout of 2010

So they missed Dad’s part of that gig


They’re big fans

And really lovely people

Leach reads all the blogs here

And loves her someΒ Fuck It Up Friday

So in the probable possible absence of one this week

Because I’m…

a) still jetlagged

b) getting woken up every morning by the girls at 5am

c) a lazy cow

d) all of the above

Yes, the answer is D

I thought if I put her pic up here

See Leah…I put it up here

See..! Seeeeeee..??

She can’t be mad at me, right?


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