one for me and….woops…none for you!

So yeah…I made this

No biggy

Just a little something I slaved over a hot beater whipped up for a 4th July party we went to

You may call me Martha

What….you don’t believe me?

It took me an hour to clean up the kitchen afterwards

But it was worth it – how yummy does it look?

It’s not really good for you though

And by, ‘not really good for you’ – I mean, cups & CUPS of sugar, cool whip, cream cheese, butter, pretzels, and more sugar

That’s right, chock-full of the healthy shit

So I may have had a bit of a taste test to reward myself

A couple-two-three maybe

I’ve got the muffin top to prove it peeps!

I am available for weddings, birthdays and all your ‘desert requiring’ get-togethers

Pfft….pigs arse!


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