date night

Last night we got a babysitter in for the girls

And headed out to a great restaurant

Then to the casino

This morning I am walking like a gimp

The REASON I am in pain this morning?

Hobbling along with a limp?

These awesome looking but fucking deadly heels

They were probably also the reason that a 60 year old dude who smelt like beer farts propped himself up next to me at the blackjack table and enquired in his oh so subtle way, “how much for two hours darlin’?”

It amazes me that people still have trouble distinguishing between someone DRESSED like a hooker and someone who IS a hooker

Which one am I again?

The old dumb-fuck needed glasses for sure


Don’t tell Diamond about the follow-me-fuck-me’s being the reason for the gammy walk

He thinks I’m walking funny ’cause….well..yeah…you know….

Let’s not burst his bubble

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