After the devastating earthquakes earlier this year inĀ Christchurch

We were told that we wouldn’t be playing here when we toured New Zealand this time

Man, did we get some shit emails about that

Eventually after much discussion and dummy throwing they found a venue here that would be suitable

As all the venues we’ve played on previous trips here, were either still closed, or demolished

Let me tell you, the people of Christchurch sure let us know how they felt about us being here tonight


So very, very loud

Deafening even

Singing along to EVERY song

When so much of the city is still suffering, and not open for business

We are truly grateful to have a sold out show here

With a room full of smiling faces, ready for a good time

Thank you for coming out

You guys made our jobs so easy tonight

We may have given you the laughs

But Dad & I will walk away with so much more

It’s hard to say it without sounding cheesy or patronising

But seriously, the people of this city have a spirit that you can FEEL

And we’re already looking forward to next time

Should have our hearing back by then.




  1. so kool what a great night havent laughed so much for so long was great to see u guys after the show take care enjoy the rest of the tour especially gore lol

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