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If you’ve *LIKED* my FAN PAGE on Facebook already

Then you can ignore this post!

If you haven’t *LIKED*  my FAN PAGE yet

What’s up with that?

I forgive you not really

Just click on the link RIGHT HERE

And just click the *LIKE* button next to my name

There’s a mini jukebox on the page

Which is great for all the people too cool for MySpace to have a listen to some of my stuff

Especially at work or around small children

Because you know, it’s TOTALLY appropriate

Then if you’re all *LIKED* up

You can add yourself to the mailing list

See the box on the left hand column (of this page) that looks like this?

Where it says “NEWSLETTER” – just add your email address there

And you’ll get dirty pictures & jokes an email whenever new tour dates are added

And will be the first to know when new albums & dvds are coming out

Why do you think I’m packing right now?


I just got an email telling me that I’m playing in the Northern Territory next week!

Otherwise I would have completely forgotten

Oh, you may laugh

But let me tell you, it is TOTALLY possible to go to the airport on the wrong day

And fly to the wrong country

I nearly did it last year!

Yep, there are people out there THAT stupid

Scary isn’t it?



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  1. haha loving how you can see the westside talent page as a page you like on the fb pic xx

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