friday night movie night

Friday night movie night at our place

We’re having a double feature

First up is the kid’s pick

Right now, they’re debating between one of the Disney classics

That they’ve seen forty-two-bazillion times

And another Disney classic

That they’ve seen forty-three-bazillion times

Either way, Mummy & Daddy will be opening the bar

Very soon

Then we’ll send the little uns off to bed

And Diamond and I get our choice of movie

I’ve been gone more than a few weeks

So I was pretty sure I knew what Diamond had picked out for us

One of the *big kids* movies that we keep stashed in a box under the bed

Turns out my wifely-womanly intuition is a tad off this week

I’ve just been informed that our ADULT entertainment tonight will be Little Johnny The Movie

Diamond hasn’t seen it yet

And wants to watch it with me

Romantic, no

Cute, yes

Pity cute won’t get him laid

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