Tonight is the last show of the Rural Victoria tour

You know what that means?

Next stop…..U.K.!!!!

Just a few quick shows on this trip

Tuesday, Apr 12th, 2011in WREXHAM (Wales) For tickets call: 01978 662266 or 07720077306at The Clubhouse

Thursday, Apr 14th, 2011in LONDON (call 0208 743 2006 for tickets) at Walkabout

Friday, Apr 15th, 2011in NORTHAMPTON(call 0797 6328235 for tickets) at Horton House Sports Club

Sunday, Apr 17th, 2011in DUBLIN (call +353 1 6787188 for tickets) at The Sugar Club

If you’re coming to one of the shows

Do you have any particular song you want to hear?

(preferably one of mine)

Let me know

Things I’m looking forward to most about heading back over the pond?

Getting to see ANNE and maybe even get one of her awesome home cooked meals!

All the Pommy contributions to the WANKER WALL ’cause some of the best wankers in the world of Pommy fellas

Picking up some fabbo and tacky as shit ROYAL WEDDING souvenirs

But mostly?

Having some great shows and getting to see some faces I haven’t seen in way too long





  1. Gutted couldnt make it to any of the shows in the uk, poor scotland we’re feeling very neglected lol next year for the final tour I will be there come hell or high water. HAve a fab time if customs let you in this time (I’m secretly hopin they dont an you have do reschedual tour for another time so I can go)

  2. In London please do the Bastard song cos I love it! Its the night before our wedding anniversary so best not dedicate to his lordship!

    Hubby would like “Facebook” singing too.

    See you there

  3. I am in total agreement with Fiona…… Scotland’s feeling very neglected lol Would love to come and see you but unfortunately the England, Wales and Ireland shows are to far to travel to 🙁 Oh and If customs don’t let you in again then when you reschedule remember us poor wee Scots lol x.x.

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