25 down, 1 to go

The last week of the Victoria tour is almost  over

One more show to go!


This week started out with a day off Sunday

Which was also my birthday

How’s that for a sure-fire ‘waste Monday away in bed’ recipe?

We had a ball I think

And I’ll try to post more pics later

Once I learn how to edit out the porn star midgets

And photoshop clothes ON myself


At Thursday night’s show, we caught up with the boys behind LITTLE JOHNNY THE MOVIE

Which also premiered yesterday, to RAVE reviews!

(you can still watch it from Dad’s website www.kevinbloodywilson.com)

Dean, David & Ralph caught our show for the first time

And even after making an animated movie full of adult only jokes

I’m proud to say we may have even taught them a few more

I think they’re still talking to us?


This post is kinda random

This last week  has been pretty awesome in it’s crazy / busy-ness

Getting to catch up with some mates for the 3rd time this trip (above)

And others, like my mate CHUCKA (below) for the first time, ever!

We started out as mates on twitter

Then mates on facebook

And now we’re MATES!

We call him CHUCKA the MONKEY

Hence the tyre swing and bananas I gave him

(and I got wine & choccies…SCORE!)

Chucka, his wife Kerry, and daughter Penny are good people

And they like US anyway!


Found out this week that along with New Zealand, Queensland, Sydney & Melbourne tours with Dad

I will also be doing Northern Territory, Western Australia, Sydney & Melbourne SOLO shows

(as well as the UK next week….I fucking HOPE!!)

You can thank the man below for all the Aussie solo tours

Graeme, our booking agent

He told me he’s excited for a BIG year for JENNY TALIA!

So, if he’s not talking about his wanking habits

I think this means good things for me?

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