bed wetting blues

When I was little and we would travel to the city (from Kalgoorlie) for holidays

My brother & I used to share a room at my Nanna & Pop’s house

I always smile when I remember Nanna coming to tuck us in at night

She used to take out her teeth, lean over our bed and say,

“…don’t pith ya bed “




Every time

The only way it could have been funnier

Would have been her running around the room singing this one to us

Toothless of course


Kinda makes you wish you grew up in a cult too, doesn’t it?

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  1. Jenny,


    I can just picture Mac & Mag singing a version of that.

    “We’re gonna pee in Poppa’s bed tonight”

    Hope to see you next time you’re over here.

    Dilli Gaf

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