mooroopna mates & memories

About eight and and half years ago

A great friend of Dad’s did Diamond & I the honor of presiding over our Aussie wedding ceremony

It was our second wedding as we’d done it a few days earlier in Chicago

Round two

We were old pros at this stage

But it was his first time

See Greg, Dad’s friend, had gone & gotten himself ordained online

JUST so he could be the officiant at our wedding

To make sure it worked, Dad & I went and got ourselves ordained too

(Keep us in mind if you want a  wedding, funeral or christening to be fucked up fun & different!)


It was Greg’s first time

And our first time meeting him

For those of you that don’t know Greg

He is Greg Evans, of the hugely popular Australian TV show Perfect Match from the 80’s & 90’s

Diamond & I had no idea he was performing our ceremony

Dad had wanted it to be a suprise

And Diamond & I had no clue what was up until the theme music from Perfect Match started playing

And we met Greg for the first time

The best way to describe it?

Fucking funny

But not just that

It was really special

Can you have a romantic moment, that’s also hilarious?

I think we did

Greg did such an awesome job on our big day

That now days, along with his radio gig on 3MP in Melbourne

He’s also highly sought after to preside over people’s wedding ceremonies

How cool is that?

And even cooler?

We got to catch up with Greg tonight at the show in Mooroopna

He’s a very special man

That now gets to be a big part of so many people’s special day

Perfect match indeed.


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  1. Aw I love wedding photos. That’s so cool! “Peerrrrrrrrrrrrfect match!” Thanks, now I’m going to have that song in me head all day!

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