ranga rip off

Here is my beautiful dog

And then here’s some other random ginger mutt

That just sold for $1.5m

Yeah, that’s MILLION

For a ranga-red-headed dog

I’ll stick with the blonde one thankyouverymuch

They called the million dollar Mastiff, Big Splash

I would say he ‘mastiff’ been a  BIG RIP OFF, with a dumb name

Big dogs like that need manly, strong, tough guy names

Like Fluffy





  1. LOVE your doggie. Very similar to mine.
    As for ‘fluffy’ the red ball of pubic hair…. perhaps it should be named ‘Julia’ instead after our very own overpaid ozzie ranga?

  2. What do you mean $1.5 million. We have a red head dog leading the country that costs more than that. At least your red haired dog is house trained and does not tell lies

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