freedom of speech?

OK, so I’m going to have a bit of a vent here

Is it that time of the month already?

But I am going to TRY and make it a carefully worded rant

So as not to get Dad anyone in any more trouble

Here goes

Say you were a member of a social networking site


And say you were also a comedian

A popular Australian comedian

KNOWN for your politically incorrect-ness

And your daughter, who’s totally hot & skinny signed you up for Spacelook

And showed you how to use it

You get the hang of it pretty quick

Start yourself a ‘fan’ page

And your mates add themselves at a rate of 500+ a day

Then on the day your page hits over 107,000 *likes*

Spacelook DISABLE your page

For violating its policies


Now I understand you need rules

You need to control the content on these kind of pages to some extent

You don’t want people being abusive or threatening

But I think you have to watch how you enforce these rules

See, comedy is a very subjective thing

And what some people find funny

Others may find it offensive

Examples of such jokes are the ones about Japan

I personally haven’t posted any

I haven’t heard any/read any that I found funny

But I’m not going to shit on your parade if you do

If I don’t like it, I just ignore them

But I don’t take offense

Because offense IS something that is TAKEN

It’s very hard to GIVE it to someone

There’s very little comedy that is intended to offend

Just like a certain Australian politically incorrect comedian

There’s no malice in what he says or does

It’s just what he finds funny

“….bought a brand new Japanese car. With only 15 nautical miles on it”

I’m like…’meh’

It certainly doesn’t bother me

Now, if some of the 107,000+ fans on your page then post their own versions of what they think is funny on your wall

Which, in my opinion, not much of it was

Should that affect ‘your’ Spacelook account?

Apparently it does

For inciting hatred

But the kicker is

It takes people to complain about it

If enough people report your comments to Spacelook as being offensive

Your account will get disabled

But these people that report you

Are *fans*

That’s how they get to read what’s on your page

So, they’re enough of a fan to *like* your page

They know what you do

Possibly even have your cds

Or maybe attended a show at some time

But now, there’s something you’ve written that they’ve taken offense to


You’ve got nothing better to do than troll through peoples Spacelook pages and report shit that doesn’t please you?

Dad Someone told me something once.,

“…don’t let people with no lives dictate how you live yours”

So yeah, maybe I’m overly pissed off about this

And Dad others couldn’t give a fuck

Why don’t these fun police spend their time dobbing in the true trouble makers?

Like the anti-muslim groups

The I hate-so & so groups

The pedophile groups

Leave the people alone, that for 27 years years have been telling the jokes that make people laugh

Sharing the stories for no other reason, than toΒ make people happy

Except for the ONE time it didn’t

I think sites like Spacebook should examine disabling accounts more carefully

Check out who they’re really shutting down

Arsehole, mean-spirited blokes spewing hatefilled rants?

Like a lot of fucktards ARE doing with their pathetic payback for Pearl Harbour & the whales ignorant postings

Or the genuinely good blokes that are on sites like Spacelook to connect with their fans

And maybe give them a laugh every now & then

I feel a song coming on

A love song even

Dedicated to Mark Zuckerberg Dark Fuckingterd


UPDATE: one of Dad’s fans (Hi Malcolm!) has started a “BRING BACK KEV!” page

CLICK HERE to add yourself to it & feel free to share it with your friends

This should be interesting…



  1. I cant even like or become friends with your dad it has been telling me for days now “Kevin has too many friends requests at the moment” Blah stupid Spacelook

  2. Unbelievable!!!..why would someone “like” his page to report him!!…
    Arseholes..ask them who reported him to come to the next gig wearing a t he’s lynched by the “fans” before Kev even takes to the stage

  3. Was probably an ignorant bigot who reported him anyway – I had someone report me the other day for posting an image of Hugh Jackman in THAT shower scene in the movie “Australia” WTFF?? People are retards, no matter where you go, someone always has to spoil your fun. I did groan at the *15 nautical miles* joke, but I could see the funny side of it – there was nothing about japanese people being killed/maimed or injured – just that the car went for a swim. Some people need to HTFU!

  4. Am so over the political correct bullshit. I have been a fan of your dads for years, every album…his book…even when you first started i think i was the first person*nearly*to own a cd.
    As your dad said in Dilligaf,”i am not racist, i am a comedian. racists are malice and hurt people”, he also said…”the Australian way is to sit back crack a tinnie and have fun. On his joke he did say…Is it to early yet, then posted the joke. Yet funny thing is the ppl that are his fans were the ones that got him in trouble. If you don’t like something, then don’t do it. Noone forces you to read the posts, i read the jokes and thought was bad but Kev didn’t post them, was just on his page. Yet never stopped me from reading them.
    Hey life is so fucked up at the moment, we need the Kevs and the Jens. Otherwise we have the wars and the ummm wars, cause thats all there is left.

  5. BRING BACK KEV…….Not enough laughter in the world at the moment….we need laughter……n seriously…..where were the awww poor Japan when the yanks nuked em back in the day???

  6. i dont find the japan jokes funny, ive had loads sent to my phone, i dont pass them on i simply delete them, and ive read far worse than the nautical miles one, if we all moaned and complained if we heard a joke that offended us at some point then there wouldnt be any point in comedy, so no more fat, thin, black, white, ginger, bi, straight, gay jokes, well the list is endless isnt it! So from now on kev its knock knock jokes only plz – nar not really cos then you would be god dam f’kin boring ….. Kevvviiiiinnnn fuckin legend !!!

  7. Cmon Jenn,

    You know Facebook is made and owned by Americans. You know full well that their humour isn’t quite as developed as our own, and their whole army of lawyers is on the lookout for anything that can implicate Facebook as supporting certain topics. Since they are lawyers anyway, there IS no sense of humour, let alone anything common sensical.

    All we need to do is convince the packer family to make a local social network system where humour – pc or not – is a requirement. Any seriousness wouldn’t be welcome. That’s what we need… Suck up to the packers.

  8. join my facebook group

    get kevin bloody wilson back on facebook

    why the hell is is that the one and only kBW has been banned from facebook theses people need to get some sor t of life rather than messing up other peoples idots t**ts

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