there’s always one…

I’m not a believer

Does that make me agnostic or an atheist?

I’m not sure what the correct ‘label’ for me would be

Maybe, recovering Catholic?

But I have a lot of people in my life who are religious

Good, kind people

That are wonderful friends to me

And I think I speak for them when I say

To this lady


You are a fucking idiot


  1. WTF! Is she saying that her loving God killed thousands of people in Japan because she prayed for it, and she is ecstatic about it and hopes it happens elsewhere. Two words, Huge Fucking Religous Nutjob (sorry thats four).

  2. Oh, I wish I believed in a “God” that would kill thousands of innocent people, that’d be so great!

    Just wondering what she thinks of the christians that were killed in the disaster? Surely, her God should have plucked them out of danger, so only the athiests were killed?

    This person needs a straight-jacket. I feel sorry for her really.

  3. WOW!!! WHAT A FUCKING IDIOT. I’m a Catholic and Damn that chick needs some serious therapy. “We are praying for Atheists to turn from their wicked ways” – damn i didn’t get that memo!!! she gives us more normal Christians a bad name!!! Dumb Bitch!

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