hypothetically speaking

So, say you were having a birthday this month

H-y-po-t-h-e-t-i-c-a-l-ly, of course

And say you were a ‘wine lover’, who was also having a hypothetical birthday this month

And you had this amazing, fabulous, hypothetical husband

Who was REALLY good at making stuff and building things

And look kinda hot in a tool belt

What could the hypothetical husband POSSIBLY get his hypothetical wine loving birthday girl for her special day?

Hmmm….maybe he could, oh I don’t know….. MAKE her something?

Build her something original

Spectacular even!

I wish I had a hypothetical husband that read my blog.



  1. I do hope this hypothetical husband would also be the one going down those stairs to retrieve the wine you wanted to drink. After a glass or two that could be a little tricky.

  2. No kidding hey Cathy?! That would be tricky in my socks stone cold sober without the two cats or three dogs helping…

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