why not?

I first saw this video a few days ago over atΒ Kelly Oxford’s site

Since then I’ve seen pop up on quite a few other blogs

I wanted to post it here too

Because I support this

And I don’t understand why two people who want to get married can’t

I try to imagine back when Diamond and I fell in love

And the amazing memory I have of the day he asked me to marry him

Doesn’t everyone deserve to have that memory?

To those who don’t agree

Why does it bother you?

How does it affect your life if 2 people who happen to have the same genitals, get married?

It shouldn’t

No more than if they live together


What’s the big fucking difference?

I can’t wait for the day when people like Derence & Ed don’t have to plead their case

Or ask permission

To do what the rest of us can do whenever we like

To whomever we like

As many times as we like

I wish these guys every happiness and hope so much they get to get married


And not just because they are probably the cutest couple I’ve ever seen




  1. Why can’t people just live and let live.. I had tears listening to these guys, just the sweetest, they deserve some happiness !!!

  2. How very, very sad. It makes me sooooo angry that 2 people who obviously adore each other can’t marry just because they are gay. These 2 men have been a couple for a long time, longer than many heterosexual relationships! Their circumstances are so sad too. Why they can’t make that extremely special commitment whilst they can both remember their special day I have no idea. Most people would envy a relationship like theirs. Good luck to them – I sincerely hope they get their wish before it’s too late.

  3. Good on thyem. There are other things in this world that are more important than 2 blokes like this. Live & let live. Good on them. Not harming anybody.

  4. This is a love story, homosexuality has been going on since humans began thousands of years ago. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS……nothing at all. you go guys and fuck the rest of them who disagree

  5. Oh this made me all teary. As I said on my Facebook Post if me and Liz Taylor can get married 27 times between us (ok a slight exaggeration) why can’t these gorgeous guys

  6. If these 2 guys came to the UK, they can get married, as I`am sure they can in many other countries. SO WHY THE FOOK NOT WERE THEY LIVE? Wake you knobhead politicians, it`s the 21st centry!

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