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I’m a bit excited about this

A new animated movie is coming out in Australia on April Fool’s day

LITTLE JOHNNY THE MOVIE is based on all the ‘little Johnny’ jokes you’ve heard, or told over the years

I’ve seen clips as the movie’s been made

Which has got me so pumped about it

But I’m really looking forward to seeing the whole movie at the theatre in a few weeks

And yeah, it has a lot to do with Dad being the voice of ‘Uncle Kev’ in the movie

He wrote the entire soundtrack for the movie too

Which I’ve heard, and LOVE


For anyone not in Australia and able to go see it at the cinema

It will be streamed online from 1st – 24th April

Pass the popcorn!

UPDATE: I’m cheating and getting to see a sneak peek at the whole movie Monday…..squeeeeee!


  1. I`am going to buy ten of these (DVDS) and have them running all day long. If the rest is as good as the clip posted, I`ll better stock up with Aerial and Lenor softener, for the amount of pissing I`ll be doing. SOOOO.. FUNNNNYYYYY!

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