the best memories are made of

As some of you may have noticed

I haven’t made much time for blogging over the last 2 weeks

And as with all of my faults

I blame my parents

They have been here

Their stay has been full on

Busy, fun

With not much down time

So, no knew post for a while

I will do some more blogs soon about what we all got up to

For those of you who care

Hi Aunty PAT!

For now, here’s a brief run down of what we have been making while I wasn’t on here

Welcome back signs for Nanna & Poppy’s, made by their granddaughters

I am still cleaning paint off the floor

Macaroni & Magoo made great back up dancers for Poppy’s music

Believe it or not, they were kid friendly

Nanna made the girls happy buy buying lots of stuff they didn’t need

Ah, Granparents

Dad & I made time for a quick Chicago show

And as you can see above, obviously no improvements have been made in my photography skills

Poppy made mini mailboxes and windmills with M&M

And made me nervous with that hammer. It wasn’t Magoo I was worried about

Made bets on the superbowl

Which made me realise that Mum really should have been a bookie!

Dad made a new best friend for life

And was bummed they don’t make suitcases big enough to smuggle the Fluffinator home in

Nanna helped M&M make jewelry, but doing all the dangerous needle-work bits

And made a pin cushion out of herself in the process

We spent a few night with friends making some really funny new songs

That not one of us can remember

We made an exceptionally loud (and possibly embarrassing) cheering squad for Magoo’s school recital

Nanna & Poppy made 2 little girls feel so special

And 2 little girls so very sad when they left

OK, make that 3

Lots of tears

Lots of laughs

The stuff all great memories are made of


  1. Great stuff Jen. It’s a shame that M&M’s grandparents are halfway round the world.

    Treasure the memories and make sure they’re on disc.

    Lost 3 of my grandparents before I was 10 and my maternal grandfather live at the other end of the country so we only saw him a couple of times a year. Regrets? Obviously but too late for that now.

    Take care Jenny

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