mother nature is a freak

Chicago, and much of Β the U.S is gearing up to be pounded by a massive winter storm today

According to some reports, this could be one of, if not THE biggest blizzard Chicago has ever seen

For us, that means staying home

Stocking up on supplies

And spending a couple of days in the house, maybe snowed in

The kids have tonnes of board games, every Xbox kinect game, crafts coming out of the wazoo and toy room FULL of fun stuff

I have red wine, clinkers, internet, ugg boots & Diamond

So, provided there’s no power outages etc

This could turn out to be fun

I wish I could say the same for Queensland right now

They’re gearing up for some ferocious weather in the next 24 hours too

Only they don’t get to stay in and possibly enjoy it

They’re being forced to evacuate before Cyclone Yasi hits them

After all the devastation from the recent floods

They’re now bracing themselves for the biggest cyclone Australia has encountered


It’s so frightening

I’m sending all my family and friends who are in Queensland, all the love / good vibes / positive thoughts in the world right now

Knowing what you guys are going through

I will NOT be bitching about the weather we’re having here

I hope you’re all OK and stay safe

But I really hope

That this is one of those times that the weather man has it wrong


  1. This makes me thankful that even though we have grey drizzle and boring weather, the UK is safe. Good luck to all those being hit by Cyclone Yasi, Stay safe! Jenny wrap up warm and we look forward to seeing what sort of snowmen you make πŸ˜‰ x

  2. Mother Nature truly is a bitch with the World at her mercy! I think it may be payback for the way some people treat this beautiful planet we are blessed to live on. ONE PLANET…LOOK AFTER IT! STAY SAFE EVERYONE!

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