hometown show

It’s only three sleeps to go

And it’s almost sold out

I’m  so excited, I had to repost the blog about this Saturday’s show!

Not because I’m too lazy to write a new post about it

Yeah right.

I moved to the US in 1999

Moved to Chicago in 2001

Since then I’ve gotten married

Had a baby or two

Got me a mortgage

A few wrinkles

Grown up a bit


But something I haven’t done in what feels like FOREVER

Is a show in Chicago

With all the touring I do throughout the year

Sometimes when I get home

I just want to ‘BE’, you know?

BE home

BE Mummy

BE sleeping

BE lazy

But I reckon I’m ready for a break from all this BE-ing

Time for a show in Chi-town me thinks

And I’ve talked Dad into coming along too!

Yeah baby!

So, if you’re in Chicago

Or want to come to Chicago for the show


The rest of next year is already booked solid

So this will be our only US show for 2011

The deets:

Saturday January 29th

Green Street Theatre


Box Office: (312) 733 6000

CLICK HERE to buy tickets

I have just been informed by my neighbors & friends that they’ve already bought their tickets for the front row….

Do they not know me at ALL??

Game on!

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  1. Sure Oprah has her ticket pre-booked…how bloody awesome it would be to have her in the front row…talk about “Game On”… 🙂

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