dear jenny

Dear Jenny

I am coming to your show in Chicago next week and cannot wait. I have been a fan of your Dad’s for nearly 20 years. I’ve seen all your clips on youtube and got some of your songs from iTunes too. You are a very funny girl. I saw some recent photos of you on Facebook and now I’m worried. Will you still be doing the show next week even though you’re very pregnant? I hope so. All the best sweetie, Phil

Hey Phil

Go phuck yourself

Here’s a tip for you dude…

Unless you see a baby poking it’s head out of a woman’s vajay-jay



So yes, me & my beer gut WILL be at the Chicago show next week

And if there’s any justice in the world

You will be in the front fucking row



  1. and you have sung the bastard song to me twice now in Sydney and Wagga (NSW) and I have never insulted you!!! God help this bloke!!!!
    Phil, You have a lot to learn

  2. YOU IDIOT PHIL LOL, i hot asked a similar question out the front of the bank one time by an old lady, after many questions she carried on and asked so when is ur baby due….. haha i bluntly stared at her and responded ummmm,, (thinking) oh yea i have 3 months to go hahaha so here is hoping i dnt bump into that old lady again coz she will be looking for my baby haha but hell no there isnt one

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