out with the old

New year’s resolutions?


Why just limit myself to resolutions that I’ll no doubt fail at by the 3rd day of January

I have all year to break promises to myself

In fact, I can pretty much guarantee that I will, at some point this year

Vow to lose weight

Promise myself to write more songs

Swear I’ll get started on that ‘book’ I’ve been meaning to write (for 5 years)

Try to stay organised (for more than 2 hours at a time)

Want to dance more with my girls

Really want to have a holiday with my husband

Do anything to get more sleep

Wanna kill at least one fellow passenger on a flight to somewhere

Piss myself off for all the half-finished lists I have all over the place


I did do ONE thing I’ve been meaning to do for like, oh I dunno


So that’s a start, right?

I cleaned out my closet

Yes I did

All 3 of them

It was so chocka block with clothes & crap that,

I truly believed would fit me again one day

I truly believed I would wear, even though they still have the tags on them years later

I truly believed would come back into fashion


I finally did it

And this was the halfway mark

I also purged 53 pairs of shoes & boots

And possibly got rid of some of Diamond’s tragic 80’s jeans

Accidentally of course

The car is loaded to the brim

The local Goodwill Store is not going to know what hit them

It’ll be a tsunami of sequins, platform shoes, cowboy hats, slutty dresses, leopard print coats & pleather pants

There’s about to be some very happy trannies around these parts

Happy New Year!


  1. omfg !!!!! lol u go girl… god if i got rid of that much….um i’d prob have no clothes left hahaha good luck with the rest

  2. hahahaha…Our lists are similar! You will not fail alone! I cleared my closet out a couple of months ago…I had the same size bags, 6 of them…with…umm…6 outfits and 5 pair of shoes…Now that is a sure sign that I need to lose weight!!! Funny thing is I kept the 3 pair of 80’s jeans I have left because it’s the only Size 8’s I will ever get the chance to see again! Yes…I’m a masochist…I think you may be just a hoarder! πŸ™‚

  3. I am doing exactly the same thing here – mine is going to help flood victims throughout Qld. Well it will if I can just work out where to deposit it all!! I needed a clean-out, and I needed some incentive to do it – New YEar and terrible floods gave me the latter.

    Happy New Year my friend… hope to break a couple of resolutions with you at some stage in 2011!

  4. I think if you rather auctioned them on your site or elsewhere you would raise a lot more money for the charity shop.
    Possibly launder them and take them on tour to Uk and let people buy some memorabilia of yours….Just a thought!!!!

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