we made it!

How was your Christmas?

As much as I love the shit out of Christmas & everything that goes with it

I’m kinda glad it’s over

Time to get back to normal ’round here

Whatever THAT is

We MADE ornaments

We MADE reindeer food

And MADE a bit of a mess doing it

Then the girls MADE me look like mother-of-the-year

When they MADE me let them go outside in their nighties Christmas eve to sprinkle the reindeer food all over the front yard

Then we MADE cookies & cupcakes for Santa

And MADE ourselves more than a little sick eating them

Once the big day arrived, we MADE out like bandits from Santa

I think Toys R Us threw up in our living room

Then we MADE ourselves dizzy from playing non-stop XBox Kinect ALL Christmas day

So we MADE it



  1. You really are MOTHER OF THE YEAR! I LOVE your love of family! There’s so much more to you than meets the…ear? No one does Christmas better…except maybe Santa…I did say “maybe”…

    Wishing you and your family every good thing 2011 holds!


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