oprah at the opera house (part 1)

A lot of you know that I was lucky enough to go to the Oprah Winfrey show a while back with my mate Ruby

(read about it here)

Well, I received an email a few weeks ago

Out of the blue

From a friend in Chicago, that I hadn’t seen in a few years

Asking if I had any friends or family in Australia that would be interested in going to the show when Oprah came to Sydney

Know anyone?

Like, only EVERYONE

My first thought was Mum & Sam

Who, every time they’ve come to visit me in Chicago

Have asked if we could go to the Oprah show

Nagged, begged, pleaded

Honestly? They’d been total pains in the arises about it

And I’d never been able to get tickets

So yeah, I would totally give these Sydney tickets to them

And shut them up

And quite possibly make their day, year & DECADE!

And then, when I found out the date of the show was December 14th

I was all, what is this fuckery?

I would actually BE in Sydney December 14th

It was the day I was flying back to Chicago

So I asked my mate in Chicago if would be at ALL possible to get THREE tickets to the show

As Dad says, if you don’t ask, you don’t get

I’m pretty sure he was talking about sex though


She said NO PROBLEM!

Holy shit

This was going to be ALL shades of awesome

Mum and I flew into Sydney first thing Monday

As the tickets had to be picked up the day before the show

Just seeing the size and scope of the set up was unbelievable

Swat teams

Riot teams

Security coming out the WAZOOO

And like last time I went to the show, in Chicago

NO cameras on the big day


But we WERE allowed to have our phones this time

Happy dance

Mum & I walked from our hotel down to the Opera house to get our tickets

No lines, no crowds

Very cool

Except there were only two tickets waiting for us

We tried not to panic, as the ladies handing out tickets told us everyone only gets allocated two tickets

But after checking around, and finding my name on another sheet, she confirmed that there was indeed 3 for us

Thank you Jesus

Or Oprah

(‘cause I’m pretty sure she’s more powerful)

We got our tickets

Stopped to have a quick bite to eat

So that we’d go straight back to our hotel

Have an early night

And be good-to-go for the show the next day

5 hours and three bottles of red later

The only thing guaranteed for the show the next day was a hella hangover

Mission accomplished

Part two is a comin’

After some su-leeeeeep!


  1. hahahaha love it !!! how lucky are you guys ?!!! and of all days, your last day !!! love the pic of ur mum holding up the shirt. so cant wait for part 2. maybe you should do a fuck it up friday song for oprah hahaaha (maybe to the song dear penis but dear oprah !! haha)

  2. Lucky ducks…. Argyle pink diamonds are beautiful… But i reckon the Ellendale Yellow diamonds which are found at tiffany’s are better…. Only because i used to work there and got to play with them all the time cause i was one of the lucky people who got to handsort them with security by my side.. lol

  3. I guess if I’m good, don’t pinch babies, kick dogs ‘n stuff, I may one day have the chance to see her. Of course, I will arrive in a box, carrying a lily. Gail will meet me at “The Gate” and lead me to the Big O in the sky…where I will be refused admission because I DON’T HAVE A TICKET!

  4. I may have confused all the reading in the replies, but I read you got a pearl necklace from Diamond, he indeed was a lucky boy(must have been the excitement of the show) ! or was that a diamond necklace from Oprah, so maybe Oprah or indeed Diamond was the lucky one……. but if that’s the case what happened to the pearl necklace

  5. @ Kathy….

    Oprah did a 2 show shoot… On the first show shooting all the audience members got pearl necklaces… so i heard…. Real ones…. not disgusting gross adult version ones..

    On the second shooting she gave out the diamond necklaces

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