bye bye nsw….hello home

Wow New South Wales

Thanks for an amazing tour you guys

Only 2 days off for the whole month

But I’m not complaining

One – the time FLEW and I’m already sitting at LA airport getting ready to fly back Β to the land of cuddles

Otherwise known as HOME!

Two – we got to squeeze in a shit load of fun both at the shows and in between

I got to catch up with some great old mates that I haven’t seen in far too long

And make some new friends too!

I’ve been thinking for a while, of adding a photo gallery to the website

And calling it the ‘Wanker Wall’

This trip kinda confirmed that the ‘Wall’ would be pretty easy to fill up

We had a birthday, the birth of a book and some REALLY comfy beds

The usual assortment of bald heads, backs & bellies

And once it was all over

I even found time to do a bit of ‘arranging’ at the airport bookstores

So thank you to everyone that came out and made this tour so fabbo for us

Now I’m already looking forward to the Western Australian shows coming up in December

10 shows in 11 days is going to be full on, but pretty awesome

Catching up with all my family & friends too

Then back to Chicago for Christmas

But first, I’ll be having a quick stopover in Sydney

Can you guess what for?

I bet you CAN’T

I’ll tell you later

After I sort out what the fuck I’m going to WEAR!!


  1. What a great Tour! Again, HUGE CONGRATS to Kev on the launch of his new book! Whatever you choose to wear, you’ll look HOT! Enjoy your time with the family! LOVE YOU…MEAN IT!

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