this week’s dear jenny

Dear Jenny

I have found a really wonderful guy. He’s cute, has a good job, lives not too far away, drives a cool car, and has an amazing smile. The only problem is, he doesn’t know I exist. He really doesn’t. We’ve never met. He works near my work & I he has lunch sometimes in the cafe where I do. I followed him home once, and his house is only 15 minutes away from mine. I ‘googled’ his company’s name and was able to find out his name etc from their website. Some days when I’m outside his house, I just want to go up and knock on his door, that’s how perfect I know he is for me. I’m not sure what is the best way to introduce myself to him as I don’t want to appear ‘weird’. I’ve also thought about trying to find him on facebook.

What do you think the best way to meet him is? I would love your advice Jenny. Thank you. Isabella

ps I think he may also have a girlfriend

Hi Isabella

So you think you’ve met ‘the one’ huh?

I mean, technically, you haven’t MET him yet

You’ve seen him

Followed him

Spied on him


You see where I’m going with this right?

Dude, ease the fuck up! You’re going to get yourself arrested.

AND you said he’s got a girlfriend? I assume you know this from peering through his bedroom window and watching the 2 of them sleeping…just jokes! (not really)

She’s liable to punch your lights out, if you go sniffing ‘round her man

Which will be a nice prelude to the beating you’ll get if you end up someone’s prison bitch once they lock your arse up

Just settle down, OK?

The right man will come along if he’s meant to

Just stop looking

What’s wrong with the traditional way to meet a guy?

You should totally give that a shot my friend

Just grab some girlfriends, head to the pub, have a few drinks and mingle

That’s how I met Diamond

And we’ve been together more than 10 years now

Good luck with it

Oh, don’t forget the most important thing…


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