this week’s dear jenny

Dear Jenny

My husband and I have five daughters. He wants to keep trying for a boy. I don’t. Five kids is exhausting, and my husband works long hours (to pay for 5 children) It’s so demanding and full on in this house 24/7 I don’t even think we could find the time to ‘make’ another baby. Plus there’s no guarantee that it would even be a boy. How do I tell my husband I can’t do it? Thanks Jenny


Dear Yvonne

You have 5 kids you say?

And your husband wants more?

Here’s what you say to him…

“You and your sperm need to leave me the FUCK alone buddy”

Tell him to squirt his swimmers somewhere else for a change

Like in a tissue

Or maybe a hooker?

It’s very effective to make this stance while holding a sharp knife or scissors

Good Lord woman, how do you handle 5 kids?

I have 2 and I’m a disorganised mess half the time

The other half I’m drunk, and don’t notice the mess

How do you even give BIRTH to five kids?

In fairness, I reckon after the 3rd, they probably starting walking out, yeah?

Anyhoo… you make it crystal clear to that baby making machine that you’re married to, that 5 kids is E-NOUGH!

Why does he want a boy so badly?

Girls can do all the stuff boys can these days

Football, cricket, rugby – all the ‘guy’ stuff

So what if he has to sit down to piss in his own house?

Besides, with 5 girls

The odds are good you’ve got at least one lesbian in the bunch


  1. Heya Jenny – sounds a bit like my family… with the exception that my mum had 7 boys and then me… the only girl 🙂 luckily she had a lot of help… by that i mean a housekepper with a temper and deadly accuracy with a thong/flip flop 😉

  2. Let him spend his holidays (during school holidays) with the kids, Yvonne. You go and get a va-jayjay tuck and recover at a 5star (1 for ea kid) resort. A combo of quality time with the kids and the “New You” will have him off to snip away the thought of a boy.

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