interweb buds

The internet is a powerful tool

It’s power can be used for good and bad

Good – Twitter, Facebook , My website

Bad – everything else

Because really, what else is the internet for but Twitter & Facebook?

I like to think I take advantage of the good it has to offer

And not just the porn like Diamond

The sense of community it can provide is pretty cool

Most of the people I meet over the web I’ll probably never get to meet face to face

Sometimes I think that’s a GOOD thing

‘Cause there are some crazy fuckers out there

But there’s others that have become part of my web-fam that I would love to hang out with, given the opportunity

One of those peeps is Curvy Jane

Or Miss Jane as I like to refer to her

Taken from one of my favourite TV shows as a kid

Mr Squiggle

His helper/off sider was Miss Jane

Miss Jane is a music fan and songwriter

All ‘round funny bugger

And the best cheerleader a girl could have

Bad day?

Good day?

New song?

Funny or not so funny blog?

Miss Jane has always got something nice to say

And it’s pretty much always full of the witty & funny shit she writes so well

She’s an American living in Australia

I’m an Australian living in America

She’s as appropriate as I am inappropriate

She made me some AMAZEBALLS jewelry out of guitar picks

And knowing I’m not good at sharing

She made some for everybody




My girls

And even Diamond!

She’s done a shit hot job

So well crafted & thought out

I arrived home from a tour to a whole banging bag full of these awesome necklaces

How cool is that?

One of these days I’m going to hang out with Miss Jane

My internet bud

She sent me these for no other reason than she wanted to

And thought they would make me happy

She was right


You can find Miss Jane’s groovy creations through her facebook page: JUST CLICK HERE


  1. Aw, shucks, Jenster…I’m gobsmacked! :O Very sweet and very cool! I’m so rapt that you like’em! 🙂 You ‘n Dad were the inspiration for the PICKTEASE “Fingers” (That last one is “The Kev”. There’s also a “Jen” 🙂

    This net thing is pretty sweet for keeping in touch. I’ve had a ball touring with you from the comfort of home. No jetlag and most definitely the next best thing to actually being there. Had a great time in SOuth Africa and learned a few new slang words.

    Here’s to old friends, new friends, living abroad, keeping in touch and the annihilation of bedbugs…Cheers!


  2. Wow. My cousin is a muso and her husband is a muso and their friends are all musos. Do you/she have a site where you/she sells them? They’d make a ripper chrissy present to make their friends all jealous 😛

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