magoo’s new wheels

Magoo got a car for her 5th birthday

She loves it

Almost as much as she loves Fluffy

But not quite

I don’t think she loves ANYTHING as much as she loves that dog

But the car comes a pretty close second

We decided to get her one with real wheels, instead of plastic

As she tends go ‘off road’ in her vehicles

We have a trashed big wheel & a mangled scooter to prove it

Diamond & I are hoping this one lasts at least until her next birthday

Or until she gets sick of it

Which might be sooner than later

We did one lap around the block

And not even halfway through it

She was all, Mama, this is hard

Can you push me?

I’m like, no dude

Those pedals are there for a reason

You need to PEDAL them

She gave me one of her looks and said, I’m totally getting Daddy to put a motor on this when we get home

I told her she couldn’t have a motor

She wanted to know why

I wanted to say, ‘Cause if you kill yourself, Daddy will be mad at me

But I didn’t want to frighten her, so I lied

All the motors in the world are broken

So you can only use pedals

All the motors? she asked

On everything in the word?


Even the motor than runs the fridge Mama?

Sheesh kid

All the motors is the world, EXCEPT for the motor on the fridge

So don’t panic, I told her

You may have to pedal

But you still have food

I don’t care she said

I will get Fluffy to pull me in my car

And I will eat HIS food

And she did

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  1. Nice wheels! 😉 I’m sure Miss Five will have the Fluffster mushing like a husky in no time! She can throw a few kibbles in front of him to keep him going…”One for Fluff…one for me…”

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