it’s not all about you

I received an email this morning saying that one of our shows on the upcoming Rural New South Wales Tour had been cancelled

The canceling was not really a big deal

It’s still far enough away to put another show in it’s place

The reason for canceling the show has me a bit miffed

OK, so maybe that’s an understatement

It pissed-me-the-fuck-off

We were booked to play at a Services Club in Orange

Booked, confirmed, all set to go

Then the club’s committee ([my]definition of committee: a bunch of out of touch fuddy-duddies, that have no business making decisions for the general public)

Actually, not the ENTIRE committee

There was just one objection from one of the board members”

Apparently, he deemed the show too rude for their venue

This one man

Is the town’s censor and moral compass?

So tell me this, Mr Councilman

Dad has been playing at your venue for more years than I can count

SELLING OUT your venue more times than I can count

Were there complaints?

Were people offended in the past?

I understand that the nature of Dad’s & my act is not for everybody

But when you continually sell out a venue

Doesn’t history dictate that there ARE people who want to see it?

Why THIS TIME is the show not suitable?

Because now YOU’RE on the committee?

To quote from Dad’s upcoming book:

Nobody tells Australian stories better than Kevin Bloody Wilson. Record sales of almost four million worldwide bear testimony to his International success. In January 2010 he received a nomination for Australian Of The Year, he’s listed in Who’s Who and his entire body of work has been chosen for inclusion in The National Film And Sound Archive in Canberra

This is an act that has sold out the Sydney Opera House and the London Palladium

But it’s not up to your standards?

Because your venue lists itself as:

No better venue in Country NSW for all your entertainment needs then right here at Club
We provide the best in live music, variety shows, comedy and children’s entertainment

You mention comedy?

But obviously not one of Australia’s highest selling comedians

So if this kind of comedy is not your cup of tea, then NO ONE gets to see it?

Wow, that sounds really fair mate

Totally keeping the best interest of the 30,000+ people that live in your city in mind, aren’t you buddy?

And though I may rant at your lack of vision for what’s best for the public in Orange

It’s you who will miss out

But the good people in Orange will not

See, we’ve booked ourselves at the ORANGE CIVIC THEATRE

And that’s we’re we’ll be playing November 7th

It’s going to be a ball-tearer of a show, sir

That, I can promise you

I told Dad I wouldn’t call you a cranky old fucktard, so I didn’t

Doesn’t mean I don’t think it


  1. Hey there,

    Jennytalia we would LOVE to see you in COWRA we are only about an hour away from orange.

    We had Kev here a few yrs ago at the services club and the local’s thought it was unreal!

    Soooo keep us in mind, we are about half the size of orange but our town would love to see you rock it.


  2. GO GET EM GIRL. I will now drive from Sydney to Orange (4 hours) to see the show instead of going to see you at Windsor (45 minutes) and pay for accomidation for the night. Old fuddy duddy dooooo gooder geriatrick old fart. Like the television, if you dont like whats on TURN IT OFF and dont watch it.

  3. Good call Jen. Sold out in South Africa (3000+ per night) yet a month later we’re knocked back at the Orange Ex Servicemens Club? Fuck it doesn’t take long to hit the skids in this business!

  4. Always a Lemon among the Oranges’…and ALWAYS a better venue elsewhere! You sure know how to make sweet lemonade from something sour…

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