tiny dancers

Look at these little girls

How cute are they?

We saw them at Johannesburg airport

On one of our many stops there

As we flew to a different city (via Joburg)

16 flights in 13 days

But these little sweethearts made this day kinda awesome

They were dancing and singing up a storm

I could have watched them all day

I filmed them until my memory card was full

I couldn’t help but think how much my 2 girls would have loved to see them

These little girls, that were probably around the same age

Who lives couldn’t be more different

I bet they would have so much fun playing and dancing together

It made me so happy to stand there and watch them

But it also made me a little sad

Wondering what their lives were like

There smiles were dazzling

So bright

I wanted to take them home with me

But I’m pretty sure that that shit’s probably illegal

I couldn’t tell who the guy was behind them

The one playing the drum

Was he one of their Dad’s?

Was he their boss?

Their Fagan?

Their pimp?

He didn’t smile at all

So I waited ‘til he wasn‘t looking

And I gave them all my money

So did Dad

I hope they spent it on lollipops and unicorns


  1. Very cool Jenny!
    I have seen similar in my travels and was enchanted as well, but I have to admit to not thinking too far beyond the show. Your comments make me wish that I’d thought a little more about what I was being treated to – because you’re 100% correct. Sorry – got serious for a second… Fucking sorry about that!

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