south african peeps

It’s been so much fun this tour

Even better than the last time we were in South Africa

I know I’ve said it before

But it really IS the people here that make it so

Some of my faves

This is Clayton

I did an interview with him backstage before the show in Durban

He’s like the South African Perez Hilton

Such a cutie

And a keeper ’cause he wrote nice things about us!!

Meet Michaele

Also from Durban

And a dancer with the Durban Ballet company

I think he was trying to show me some moves from the Nutcracker

But my efforts were more like something from Swan Dyke

These young lads in Johannesburg wanted me to sign their necks

And I was all like, what? with my mouth? like a vampire?

And they were like, ahh, no actually. how about just with a marker?

Oh, yeah. No problem

I’m a tossa

I reckon if you stuck a couple of nipples on these two

It would be a pretty flash looking boob job, yeah?

When someone hands me a pair of knickers to sign

And it’s happened a few times before

I usually cringe a bit

No one likes crusty bits, do they?

But Penny had it all sorted

She brought BRAND NEW knickers

With the tags on

She asked if I’d write ‘no camel toe’ on them


A lovely couple who were so excited to be at the show

Singing along to all the songs

They knew the words better than me

(not hard, I’ll grant you)

Mum took this shot

And asked us all to move in closer

‘Cause she couldn’t see us clearly

The man on the left said, of course you can’t

We’re black

You can’t see us until we smile

Funny fucker

This is Carmel

I liked to call her CARMEL TOE

We could be buds for sure

But she’s going to have to ‘ugly it up’ a bit first

This is backstage after we finished recording for the live DVD

Next to Mum is Taryn

She was one of the camera operators for the shoot

The only girl in a crew, among a sea of stinky boys

Love her

Next to me is Lisa

Who runs the show at Carnival City casino

The big kahuna

We became mates back in 2008 when we were here

She is organised, hyper-efficient and such a pleasure to work with

Kinda like me really


Then there’s Bruce

He directed the DVD shoot

So if it sucks and isn’t funny

Can we blame him?

This is my favourite fella in South Africa

My bud Gregg

We met last time I was here

And have been Facebook mates ever since

He came to our last show in Pietermaritzburg

Front and centre

You think he’d know better?

Please to report he’s still talking to me!

Lastly, here’s me with Saweebaway

She may not talk

And doesn’t walk too well

I guess that’s because she’s a statue

But fuck it, she’s shorter than me

I’m keeping her

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