We were just in Broome

In the North West of Western Australia

A really popular holiday spot

Diamond & I went there after we got married

My brother was living there at the time, working as a pilot for Buddy Holly Airlines a small regional airline

It’s a spectacular place to see

The water is the amazing colour

Unfortunately you can’t swim in it most of the year

Really bad jelly fish

That’ll totally kill you

That kinda sucks, yeah?

But to look at, it’s breathtaking

And flying out of there today was pretty cool

We flew in a small light aircraft up to Port Hedland

And the whole trip (1 hour 45 mins) the view out the window is the brightest shade of aqua

When we flew into Broome, you could totally see massive stingrays in the water from the air

Well, I was TOLD you could

I didn’t see them

It was a regular commercial flight/plane

And I was sitting next to a lady that I’m sure was completely lovely

But she was by the window and I was in the aisle seat sulking


This incredible weather & scenery couldn’t BE more different that the Tasmanian weather on the last leg of this tour

But the Tasmanian crowds were SHIT HOT

So that means these West Australian’s have to BRING IT!

So far, so good

(this guy is a doctor?)

This is Christa – she runs the (all female) security in Broome.  I know, she looks all happy & harmless – but I totally wouldn’t fuck with her. Married with 5 kids, she’s a top bird. She’s also a champ ’cause she’s lost 80kg (that’s 176 pounds!) that I told her I’m happy to give back to her whenever she wants it

He actually came back a second time to ask me to sign his RIGHT arm – ’cause THAT’S the one he wanks with!

And just when I thought I’d seen a DILLIGAF tattoo everywhere, this lady bends over & lifts up her skirt – COOL! And I mean ‘cool’ as in, cool tattoo – not ‘cool’ she lifter her skirt up and bent over, OK? I like penises, remember??


That’s it for now

But here in the Northwest, you can be pretty sure this is just the beginning!

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  1. Even if there are no stingers, do not go swimming in Broome in winter, because even though the air is warm, that water is fucking freezing. I know this because I was stupid enough to dip my big toe in, and then because there were 300 people sitting on the beach watching me, I was forced to either get in or face the total embarrassment of walking back up the beach dry while they all laughed, so I WENT SWIMMING!!! I’m still trying to thaw out 4 years later. xx

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