parenting 101

I know a lot of you a parents, just like me

And I also know there’s not one of us that doesn’t struggle with it some days

Don’t get me wrong, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done

But some days it’s just HARD isn’t it?

Sometimes you just want to chill out

‘Cause it can all be so overwhelming sometimes

With the kids always under your feet

Wanting to know what’s for dinner

Mummy, I need to PEEEEEEEE!

You feel like you’re in peak hour traffic – going the wrong way

And you’d love to just walk away from it all

Stick a bag over your head and pretend you’re not home

The kids are crabby, YOU’RE crabby

You feel tied down?

And the weight of it all can be too much?

You’d just like a little help

Just ’til you get a handle on it all

Because you feel like you’ve fallen, and just can’t get back up?

Or your just plain terrified?

Like the kids are the enemy?

It can be enough to drive you to drink some days can’t it?

What, you DON’T have days like that?

Aren’t you just fucking perfect??

Well you can just go and SUCK IT!



Thanks Martin!

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