when does it end?

I don’t want to go into a big rant about the whole BP OIL CLUSTERFUCK

I was angry

But now, after looking at the photos from THE BIG PICTURE over at boston.com

I’m just sad

So sad

And I, along with so many other people

Just want it over

Want the people who’s lives & livelihood has been decimated by this

To have their world made right again

And those motherfuckers at BP (Big Pricks)

Held accountable

And for things to change

New laws, or whatever it takes

To make sure that this shit can NEVER happen again

And I know, I know, WE are the ones that create the demand for the oil

But surely there’s got to be kinder ways to get the job done

To protect those who need protecting

The people on the gulf coast

And these poor animals


  1. Bloody right Jen!!!!!!!!!!! Not as if all those tyres and golf balls were going to do anyhting was it FFS!!!!!!!! Suz xxxxx

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